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This year, UNSOMNIA 2.017 brings together a group of talented UNSW researchers to ask the question: "What needs to change?"

Exploring the Grand Challenges that face humanity, and urgent questions that face us as Australians, this thought-provoking evening of talks will tackle everything from sex to civility.

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Matthew England, Robert Brooks, Jane McAdam

Welcome to Grand Challenges

UNSW’s Grand Challenges program is designed to lead open, informed public debate about the biggest challenges of our time – and to promote ideas, discussions, research and the development of policy that can contribute to solutions. Currently, the program is focussing on Climate Change, Refugees and Migration, Inequality, and Living with 21st Century Technology.

We also help UNSW researchers build their profiles and platforms as public intellectuals. To this end, UNSOMNIA 2.017 brings you nine UNSW researchers and one recent student to talk about the challenges they foresee, and what needs to change.

Scientia Professor Rob Brooks - Grand Challenges Academic Lead.